Exclusive interview – Haze Hell Over Asia

Most of us would remember the haze of 97. Fires raged uncontrollably across an area the size of 4 million football pitches in Indonesia. A noxious yellow smoke cloud smothered a vast region of SE Asia, even reaching as far as northern Australia.

An upcoming documentary, Haze Hell Over Asia, by HISTORY, will piece together the story of this disaster and the stories of the politicians, scientists and ordinary people whose lives it changed forever.

Dr Faizal Parish and Mr Fitrian Ardiansyah were two of the experts who helped to battle the haze and are continuing the fight against forest fires in Indonesia.

ECO Singapore caught up with them to give you an exclusive insight into the continuing battle to fight the haze crisis.

Full transcript of interview with Dr Faizal Parish
Full transcript of interview with Mr Fitrian Ardiansyah

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During the past week more than 100 fires blazed across Tripa. This forest, which is one of the last refuges for the endangered Sumatra orangutans, is at great risk. If the accountable oil palm corporation is not stopped, these great apes could disappear completely by the end of 2012. They need our help urgently.
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