Doggy Poo Bag – a project by one of our volunteers

We’ll like to share with you a personal project done by one of our volunteers. Rachel He initiated the Doggy Poo Bag project as part of her Masters Study Programme in Singapore. Rachel He hails from China, and has had to overcome her shortcomings in the English language. Nevertheless, she bravely took on the challenge to meet strangers and communicate her idea to them. ECO Singapore is proud to have mentored Rachel He and would like to share her project with all of you.

The aim of Doggy Poo Bag project is to encourage dog owners to use old newspapers instead of plastic bags to pick up their dog poo when they walk their dogs. Moreover, this project also advises pet owners to take up responsibility to clean up after their dogs.

In order to reach out to her intended audience, Rachel collaborated with a pet shop and interacted with visitors entering the shop. Once a week, she would show the visitors how to make a DIY Doggy Poo Bag out of newspapers. After the session, she would give them a questionnaire.

Based on feedback for the project, most pet lovers support this project idea which can protect environment. They also suggested that the newspaper should be thicker, perhaps by adding three more pieces and it is only use for small dogs. They agree that this activity not only keeps the environment clean but results in less plastic bag usage.