Post-event report: Bukit Brown trip!

An adventure in a cemetery!

13 wide-eyed youths followed our 2 amazing guides, Claire & Cuifen, as we explored Bukit Brown, the century-old cemetery slated for destruction.

Claire and Cuifen

Our guides: Claire and Cuifen

We took a rarely explored route that went past the largest tomb in Bukit Brown, an abandoned village, the first tomb, oldest tomb, and the tomb of a war hero!

The war hero, Tay Koh Yat’s story was the most touching for me. I was ashamed that I had never heard his name before. In fact, I guess I don’t really know care much about my family’s history and Singapore’s history.

But hearing the story from Claire, I felt really proud that we had such great forefathers. The values and the way they lived their lives… these are things I can aspire towards!

Read about Tay Koh Yat’s amazing story here.

Also, you can read about his great-granddaughter’s reaction when she heard about the story of her great-grandfather.

Tay Koh Yat's tomb

Tay Koh Yat's tomb

To find out more about Bukit Brown and the issues behind it, please visit:
Bukit Brown Facebook group (good for tour updates) (read up on conservationists’ stand)
Tan Chuan Jin’s note (developers’ stand)

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