[ECO Club] Visit to Samwoh’s Eco-green Building

Hi there!

Dare to set foot inside a building made from up to 100% recycled concrete?

Well, here’s your chance to enter one and meet the Samwoh staff who work in the 3-storey Samwoh Eco-green Building everyday!

Learn about how 1 man stuck to his vision of converting “waste” to “raw materials” and refused to give up in the face of opposition by a society stuck in paradigms and prejudices. In the wake of a supply crunch in sand, as well as increasing environmental consciousness, the technology his team has developed puts him at the forefront of a new age.

As part of ECO Singapore’s theme on “waste” this month, we will be going for a 2-hour tour of the Samwoh building, which comprises of 3 parts:

1. R&D Centre walkthrough with explanation of sustainable initiatives

2. Samwoh Exhibition gallery detailing company profile and activities
3. Memory Lane and short videos on recycling processes for our products

This is also the first official outing for the new ECO Club initiative, which aims to build a community of like-minded youth & youth-at-heart to develop a holistic view of our world and our roles in it, through fun activities!

Please register at http://goo.gl/OSrSZ! Only 20 places available! Fastest fingers first!

For more info on the Eco-green Building, check out: http://www.eco-business.com/news/building-better-way-reuse-concrete/

Feel free to contact me for any enquiries! For those who really want to go but need to take leave, I can help you chop place. Thanks!