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Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore)
Blips 36  Sept 5, 2012
Local News
Sustainable construction: Waste wanted
The construction industry is scrambling to find sustainable building materials for Asia’s booming cities, and companies are now competing for industrial waste to replace some of the natural resources they consume, say experts.Click here for the full story.

Global News

Nations warn of broken promises at U.N. climate talks
Almost 50 of the world’s poorest nations said pledges made by rich countries to provide funds to help them adapt to a warmer planet risk being overlooked as U.N. negotiations over a global climate pact to start in 2020 got underway in Bangkok on Thursday.Click here for the full story.

Take Action

Join our volunteer team!
We reach out to 60 schools and we need volunteers who are interested to learn presentation skills and contribute to presenting to the younger generation. Join our volunteering team, which is a very vibrant group of young people who equally share their passion on environmental protection. You’ll not only learn more about the subject and meet more interesting people, but most importantly, you can also change the world and create impact from the single action you take!Sign up here today!

Did You Know

Jessica Alba to receive Environmental Media Association’s Green Parent Award
Jessica Alba has enjoyed an illustrious career as a talented actress and recognized as a sex symbol by men’s magazines world wide. But it looks like the celebrity will be awarded for her environment-consciousness as well.Click here for the full story.

Join us!

Agents needed to prevent global crisis
Good day. 504 hours ago, a consensus was reached amongst EcoSingapore committee. We have been receiving strong evidence that an unprecedented global crisis is about to break out. A new breed of agents is needed to stop the crisis. You will undergo tough training and carry out ground-breaking missions. Conditions will be brutal: no wages, bitter rejection, long hours, high possibility of failure. But success will make all of you heroes.If YOU are up to the challenge, read the terms and conditions here.


ECO Singapore’s Vision

To be the leading environmental body advocating sustainable lifestyle for youth.


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ECO Club

IMG_1108 ECO Club is a vision for community members to learn more about the world and be part of a fun-loving and passionate support network! Together, we will strive to protect the planet we love and make a change. If you want to be part of us, contact Yi Han at today!

It’s all happening, because we care our earth.Our Mission: 1. To challenge youth of age 17-35 to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and embrace environmental issues holistically*. 2. To drive local and global environmental initiatives. 3. To support environmental activities/initiatives as a resource platform involving other environmental stakeholders.
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