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Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore)
Blips 35 Aug 13, 2012
Local News
WWF seeing positive response to “No Shark’s Fin” campaign
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is seeing some positive response to its latest initiative which calls on consumers and businesses in Singapore to say no to shark’s fin.Click here for the full story.

Global News

Power grid failure: World’s biggest blackout points at years of neglect of power sector
Electricity supply crashed across a vast swathe of India for the second time in 36 hours, disrupting lives of over 600 million people and presenting an unflattering picture of an aspiring superpower struggling to provide even basic power.Click here for the full story.

Take Action

Join our volunteer team!
We reach out to 60 schools and we need volunteers who are interested to learn presentation skills and contribute to presenting to the younger generation. Join our volunteering team, which is a very vibrant group of young people who equally share their passion on environmental protection. You’ll not only learn more about the subject and meet more interesting people, but most importantly, you can also change the world and create impact from the single action you take!Sign up here  today!

Did You Know

Make money with recycling
Have you ever thought about receiving straight cash on your hands for recycling your waste and keeping the environment clean at the same time? Modern recycling doesn’t include taking your bottles to the bottle bank on a Sunday anymore. Times have changed and especially junk removal companies profit from your waste.Click here for the full story.

Join us!

ACRES is hiring!
ACRES has a brand new position to fill: Cruelty-Free Living Campaigns Officer

As Cruelty-Free Living Campaigns Officer for ACRES, you will be responsible for co-ordinating the programmes of Cruelty Free International in the ASEAN region. Cruelty Free International is the first NGO and global campaign dedicated to ending cosmetics testing on animals throughout the world.

For more details, click here.

The Idiot Circle Campaign


For every $2,000 raised JPS Films will:

1) Donate 25% of the funds to Greenpeace’s and Organic          Consumers Association’s anti-GMO campaigns.

2) JPS Films will stream the feature documentary The Idiot          Cycle worldwide for 24 hours on the film’s web site

3) If you donate $2,000, your name, company logo (linked to          your web site) or association logo (linked to your web site)          will be viewed on a page before the streaming page of The          Idiot Cycle for as long as the film is streamed (which depends          on how much the campaign raises).

*Because you want a GMO free future.

*Because you want to support independent films like The   Idiot Cycle (the film was produced without commerical         partnerships, state funding, broadcaster or distributor       support).

*Because you want friends and family to understand why you are conecrned about toxic chemicals and GMOs.

*Because you want others to view The Idiot Cycle, to         understand the need for cancer prevention.

Donate here:

More information about the film:

More information about JPS Films:

Updates about the campaign:

The campaign starts September 10th, 2012.

The campaign lasts 60 days, ending on November 9th, 2012.

We will begin streaming The Idiot Cycle on on November 10th, 2012, when the campaign is finished. The amount of time the film will be streamed will depend on the amount of funds raised. For example:

If $2,000 is raised, the film will be streamed for 24            hours. Of which $500 is donated.

If $4,000 is raised, the film will be streamed for 48            hours. Of which $1000 is donated.

If $6,000 is raised, the film will be streamed for 72            hours. Of which $1500 is donated.

If $8,000 is raised, the film will be streamed for 96            hours. Of which $2000 is donated.

If $10,000 is raised, the film will be streamed for 120        hours (5 days). Of which $2500 is donated.


All donations are non-refundable. There are no individual    perks.

Although $4,000 is our goal, if we raise more, the film        will be streamed longer, depending on the final amount (see above).


ECO Singapore’s Vision

To be the leading environmental body advocating sustainable lifestyle for youth.


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ECO Club

IMG_1108 ECO Club is a vision for community members to learn more about the world and be part of a fun-loving and passionate support network! Together, we will strive to protect the planet we love and make a change. If you want to be part of us, contact Yi Han at today!

It’s all happening, because we care our earth.Our Mission: 1. To challenge youth of age 17-35 to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and embrace environmental issues holistically*. 2. To drive local and global environmental initiatives. 3. To support environmental activities/initiatives as a resource platform involving other environmental stakeholders.
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