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Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore)
Blips 33    Jul 9, 2012
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Local News
Community partners key to lasting urban progress
NGOs and other community groups are vital to prolonged progress on urban liveability, said New York City’s parks commissioner in Singapore on Monday.Click here for the full story.
Global News
On Our Radar: Climate Change in ‘Real Time’
In just one week, three high-ranking federal officials have weighed in on climate change, linking it to recent weather extremes in the United States. [Think Progress]Click herefor the full story. 

Take Action
Join our volunteer team!
We reach out to 60 schools and we need volunteers who are interested to learn presentation skills and contribute to presenting to the younger generation. Join our volunteering team, which is a very vibrant group of young people who equally share their passion on environmental protection. You’ll not only learn more about the subject and meet more interesting people, but most importantly, you can also change the world and create impact from the single action you take! Sign up heretoday!

Did You Know
Time to Clean Out the Junk Drawer: Recycling Old Cell Phones
In this era of “latest and greatest” it’s a snap to get a new mobile phone. With app and contact migration easier than ever, many of us are acquiring a new cell phone every year or two.  But what happens to your old mobile once you’ve transferred all your data over to the new one? If you’re like me, you promptly forget about them, then over the years find them squirreled away in the strangest spots (the car, the junk drawer, the closet).Click herefor the full story. 

Join us!
Donation to put Idiot Cycle on public domain
463px-The_Idiot_Cycle 2
WATCH the first 6 minutes of the independently produced film The Idiot Cycle- which links cancer, chemicals and GMOs. If you like what you see,you can contribute to transfering the film to the public domain with a contribution, large or small. Check it out!The video may contain disturbing images.Click here for the full story.

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Post Event Report

Bukit Brown trip!


13 wide-eyed youths followed our 2 amazing guides, Claire & Cuifen, as we explored Bukit Brown, the century-old cemetery slated for destruction. We took a rarely explored route that went past the largest tomb in Bukit Brown, an abandoned village, the first tomb, oldest tomb, and the tomb of a war hero!

Click here for the full story.


ECO Singapore’s Vision

To be the leading environmental body advocating sustainable lifestyle for youth.


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ECO Club


ECO Club is a vision for community members to learn more about the world and be part of a fun-loving and passionate support network! Together, we will strive to protect the planet we love and make a change.

If you want to be part of us, contact Yi Han at today!

It’s all happening, because we care our earth.Our Mission:1. To challenge youth of age 17-35 to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and embrace environmental issues holistically*.

2. To drive local and global environmental initiatives.

3. To support environmental activities/initiatives as a resource platform involving other environmental stakeholders.

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