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Local News

Survival of Singapore refineries seen under threat

(Source:Business Times)
2012-03-07t085911z_2_btre82517pb00_rtroptp_3_iran-oil-sanctions.grid-6x2SINGAPORE’S oil refining/petro-chemicals industry will have to fight for survival in the coming two to five years, warned the chairman of Facts Global Energy.
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Collaboration initiative for green building research

Source:Asia One)
20120510_162617_sph_greenbuildingThe Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and the Ministry of National Development (MND) have jointly awarded funding for nine projects in a pilot green building grant call to encourage research and greater adoption of green
building technologies.
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First green library for kids taking root here

(Source:The Strait Times)
new-ash-green-kentIN A year, children visiting the National Library in Victoria Street will be able to step into an ‘enchanted forest’ containing a collection of green-themed books, programmes and displays. Four- to 12-year-olds will even be able to curl up with books in their very own tree house there.
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Global News

Forum discusses ways to advance green growth

(Source: The Korean Herald)

20120510000959_0New ideas, approaches and proposals were presented at a forum on green growth in Seoul on Thursday, as policymakers, scholars and businesspeople from around the world gathered to explore ways to further global action.
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Panel to find way ahead on West Seti hydro project

(Source:The Himalayan Times)

West-Seti-copy_20120325085855The Prime Minister’s Office has formed a committee led by Chief Executive Officer of Investment Board Radhesh Panta to move ahead the work on West Seti Hydro project (750 MW). The Parliamentary Committee on
Natural Resources and Means had earlier directed that work on West Seti be moved ahead through Investment Board rather than Ministry of Energy. Citing the month-long halt on the project, the PMO formed the committee.

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Asia faces threat to crops if El Nino unleashed again


rA return of the El Nino weather pattern may threaten food output in Asia, the world’s top producer of rice and palm oil, but drier conditions in some areas could also benefit crops such as coffee and cocoa and keep global prices in check.

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Did You Know

DIY Gardening: How to create a Vertical Wall Garden

vertical-wall-garden-600x450For those who are looking to create beautiful gardens with limited space, a vertical garden could be just what you need. A popular feature among urban gardeners, a vertical wall garden gives you the ability to grow a nice variety of plants and flowers, and beautify your space without sacrificing any square footage.

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Are pneumatic garbage systems the future of waste disposal?

jetsons-pneumatic-tubes-600x450A lot of us assume that the use of pneumatics is reserved for the manufacturing and engineering industries. When you think of the Jetson style tube systems of the early 1900s, shooting memos around a complicated system to pass a message within an office, you imagine the technology became obsolete for a reason. A recent upsurge in the use of
pneumatic tube systems for waste disposal however, would indicate otherwise.

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Test Your Energy Efficiency Against These 3 Myths

With the push continuing to conserve as much energy as possible,
individuals are coming up with a huge number of tips and tricks that
they are convinced save both electricity and money. However – which are
myths and which are true? Below we’ll take a quick look at a few myths
that you may want to avoid if you are serious about conserving energy.

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