Upcoming Public Talk: Illegal Wildlife Trade on 23rd November 2011 (Wednesday), 7pm at Grid MMS at *Scape.

Simon Purser, Programme Manager at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue & Education Centre in North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia is in town!

In this sharing session, he will be talking on the topic of “Illegal Wildlife Trade, why should we care and what can we do about it?

Simon’s work profile includes working on the strategic development of Tasikoki to become financially self-sustainable and attain acceptable levels of animal welfare through programmes such as the volunteer scheme- they are also looking for additional volunteer coordinators to assist with a variety of projects as we expand in the coming months. So if you are interested to volunteer at an overseas wildlife rescue centre or know anyone who is, do let them know about this talk!

*If you are unable to join us physically, do log on to http://www.eco-singapore.org for live updates and discussion at 7pm (GMT+8) on 23rd November! Please find your local time here.* The page will go ‘live’ at 6.30pm Singapore time on 23rd November.

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Tasikoki http://www.tasikoki.org/ was one of several rescue centres built across Indonesia by the Gibbon Foundation to support the law enforcement efforts against the illegal wildlife trade. Since governmental and even local NGO partners failed to provide their commitment to the running of the rescue centres, the network suffered lack of funding after 2006. Some centres sadly closed down, but a few, like Tasikoki hung on and managed to survive with various supporters along the way.Now in 2010, Tasikoki is “still surviving” under the Masarang Foundation with support from overseas volunteers as well as Orangutan Outreach (www.redapes.org) and Primates Helping Primates (www.primateshelpingprimates.nl)