Post Event Report: One Day on Earth Global Screening: Singapore which happened on 22nd April

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On 22nd April 2012, a special documentary was screened simultaneously in over 160 countries all over the world. Called One Day on Earth, the project started back on 10.10.10 where 19 000 film makers documented the 24 hours period, making a visual record of something they saw where they were living. 3000 hours of footage was collected, including audio in over 70 different languages. Over the next one and a half years, these materials were processed and the result? A 104 minute long feature film showcasing everything from music, work, life, love, environment and so much more from all parts of the world. And in essence really, it showed the interconnectedness of the human spirit.

In Singapore, the screening was held at the NTUC Centre in One Marina Boulevard. A special thanks to JD from Young NTUC who gave us the space to have the screening. Young NTUC is the official youth wing of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) here in Singapore. Young NTUC also founded 350 Singapore, the Singapore Chapter of the global movement. was one of the supporting organisations for the One Day on Earth project. Once again, thank you to JD for the space, who even dropped by for the screening even though he was busy with the annual Run 350 event, especially the last 24 hours before the screening.

At least 90 people turned up that Earth Day afternoon to join in the global premiere. Member of the audience were treated to a performance by Randolf Arriola. He is active and widely regarded in entertainment, production, education and art circles by listeners and his musical peers both locally and abroad and gained a new distinction most recently in October 2010 where he is now considered among the finest solo live looping artists in the world when he performed as one of four headliners among a total of 75 artists from around the world who gathered in North California USA to play Y2K10 International Live Looping Festival held over a week with shows throughout Santa Cruz, San Francisco and San Jose.

Randol Arriola, opening act, One Day on Earth Global Screening: Singapore

And next, for nearly 2 hours, the audience got to watch this very inspiring film.

Here are some of the audience feedback-

On the movie:

“It shows very well that life is so expansive.. the show connects everyone that watches it. Everyone has their own experience and when one part of the show clicks with you, it makes a difference to the person watching it.” –Jonathan Ang

“The fact there were so many things happening at the same time, and many different cultures as well, when it all comes together at one time, it was intense..” – Harish Mohanadas

“I enjoyed the ODOE of 10102010 very much and feel that this could be screened in all primary schools to know our world and the joy we can share and love.” –Boon Mooi Kean

On the event:

“Thank you for organizing this event! We enjoyed the movie and everything that you organized very much!” –Volkmar Ahrens

“Yeah, it was really good. All 6 friends of mine enjoyed it. Thank you very much!” –Bekhruv Khazratov

“Thank You to U & your team for making a pleasant sunday for all. The venue location is centralized, with spacious auditorium plus complimentry sandwiches & cold beverages for all.” –Jan Lee

Final Words

Besides JD, Randolf Arriola, the many members of the public who came to watch the film with us, we would also like to thank Swee and the 7 KICKstart BREWiches team for the sandwiches that day- it was a Sunday, a day they do not usually open but they still took the order anyway, and Michael Foong, one of the film makers who contributed to the project and came down for the event. And a special thanks of course, to our event photographer, Lin Qing Xiang, who came down to capture the moments despite his busy work schedule. Please click here and you will be directed to the One Day on Earth Global Screening: Singapore, selected pictures album.

If you are interested to pre-order the One Day on Earth DVD, you can do so here.