Post Event Report: Korean Youth Climate Change Ambassadors visit to Singapore which happened on 13th to 17th February

Please note that this programme led by the British Council Korea was sponsored by Standard Chartered Korea. The objective of their trip is to bring along about 33 participants with a mix of University students, Middle School Students, their staff, journalist and their corporate sponsor Standard Chartered Bank to understand the Singapore environmental scene. This is especially so in terms of what the different sectors are doing. ECO Singapore’s role was to co-ordinate this trip.

This is an 18 photo-story that is done according to the site visits between 14th February to 17th February.

For more photos, please find them here. The photos that you see in this post were also taken by David Lin of Layfon Lin Picturesque.

For inquiries on site visits or the places we went to eat or how you can co-ordinate similar trips, feel free to email me at

14th Feb Morning. An introduction to the Singapore Environment Scene. We started our day at Grid MMS at *Scape for a talk on the Singapore Environment Scene.

The talk was done by Eugene Tay of Green Future Solutions. You can find out more about the man and his company here He manages a number of websites too, so take your time and look through.

14 Feb Afternoon. We took a ferry down to Semakau Landfill. Please find an overview of what this offshore landfill has to offer over here We were so excited to go and see how an offshore landfill looks like- Will it be smelly? Will we see a lot of rubbish? Oh so many questions!

Who knew that an offshore landfill can be so beautiful? We are also glad to have A+B Edu Tours and Travel Ptd Ltd to do the Semakau Landfill Educational Tour. Mr Singh is a jovial person and he was quite friendly.

15th Feb Morning. We went up to the Standard Chartered Building in Changi Business Park. It was so hot that day.

What you see here is one of the three types of solar panels they have on the roof. This is just one of the many green features that are found in the building. Also, a number of their staffs practice healthy living. In the carpark, there was a section for bicycles and there were many of them, suggesting that people really do make an effort to cycle to work and stay healthy.

15th Feb Afternoon. We went down to Dunearn Secondary School, an institution that has a green project with Standard Chartered. After the students' sharing session, the participants got to try out soap-making at the lab. Quite an easy and fun activity to do.

A group picture before we leave!

*On 15th Night, we actually went to Night Safari.. but.. somehow neither David nor I took pictures*

16th Feb Morning. We had a Marina Barrage and Gallery Tour. You can also book your own tour here

A very pretty group picture here at the Green Roof Top.

16th Feb Afternoon. The National Climate Change Secretariat (NCCS) helped to put together a session for us. They got teams who went to COP 17, the TUNZA Indonesia forum, NUS Save group as well as shirt company QLOOV to give a presentation. You can also find Qloov's presentation here

One of the presentations that day.

17th Feb Morning. This was the last and the most packed day for all of us. We started of the day at the Singapore Botanic Gardens for the NParks Educational Tour.

Not many people know this but there is also a library in there.

17th Feb Afternoon. Later, we went to Little India for a Cultural Heritage tour led by Veera from Ground-Up Initiative- volunteer-driven non-profit community that values connecting with the land for the many things it teaches us. You should probably check GUI too

Veera was a very good tour guide. He showed us a number of interesting things in that short but fun tour. He also introduced us to the individual dishes when we had lunch later.

17th Feb Late Afternoon. We were at the Jurong Regional Library for the Triple Bill Special on Green Development. There was a panel Session on ‘Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development with Prof Michael Quah from NUS, Hang Chong from Nature Society Singapore, Jeevan from World Leadership Conference 2011 and Andrew one of the Korean YCCA, Sharing Session by Korean Students as well as a Showcase of projects by The Study of the United States Institute for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues (SUSI) participants who were also in town that week! Information on the session and organisations involved can be found in an earlier post

The Korean Students checking out one of the SUSI Projects. Besides the roughly 30 Koreans there, 20 SUSI Participants and their Co-Ordinators and advisers as well as the U.S Embassy Reps and around 20 Singaporean Audience, One other highlight is that the Rep from EMARCO also came down to let the participants to try out the R2X, a portable eco-rider suitable for short distance communication. An member of the audience had this to say "The session on green economy was really informative. I'm currently looking into opportunities to provide environmental education for people from developing countries (particularly Cambodia, a country I just visited and really like to see it develop) in my spare-time...I've contacted Hang Chong after the talk the other day and will work with him to arrange for my company's corporate events." So yes, with co-ordinators from both organisations appreciative of that session as it provided a good venue for sharing sessions for their students and a good follow-up from a networking session with one of the audience, we feel we ended the week on a good note!