Post Event Report: A Better World? Lessons from the ECOsystem which happened on 28th April

*Read Pre-Event report here.

We would like to first and and foremost mention that the entire session (about three hours or so) was run by the team at The Zeitgeist Movement Singapore Chapter. From food preparation, to presentation to the discussion facilitation- we think they did a great job!

Here are some photos on the event night:

A word from the TZMSG Team:

As the volume of information presented may have been overwhelming and difficult to absorb in a single session, we invite you to learn more by visiting the Singapore Chapter site and the Global Website.

Some suggested resources to consult and actions to take include:

  1. Sign-up on the Global Site and the Singapore Chapter. Please also join our Facebook group for updates.
  2.  Read the FAQs
  3. View the Zeitgeist Film Series.In particular, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011) and Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008). Torrents of full and free versions can also be downloaded here. Share these links with friends and family.
  4. Watch/Read the Orientation Guide.
  5. Listen to and Watch lectures online

The Movement boasts many talented speakers and, since the founding of the Movement, their presentations from events worldwide have been recorded and are available online. You can find several of them on our chapter website.

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We leave you with this music video called ‘Ode to the Brain’ by Symphony of Science.