Dunk IT! @Chingay 2012 Call for Volunteers (Deadline 25th Jan, 11pm)

For more information on Chingay Parade, please refer to the official Chingay website.

The Dunk IT! programme will run on Friday, 3 Feb and Saturday, 4 Feb, 3.30pm to 9pm. Sign up at here.


* Important Dates and Timing Training

– Registration closes Wednesday 25th Jan, 11pm.

– Confirmation email Friday 27th Jan, 11pm

 Training Monday, 30 Jan, 7pm (Venue to be confirmed).

Event Dates-

Friday, 3 Feb 3.30pm to 9pm and/or Saturday, 4 Feb 3.30pm to 9pm


Background Information:

After almost every major large scale event held in Singapore, organisers are faced with filthy and unsightly event sites, which eventually become the responsibility of the cleaners. To tackle this issue, the “Dunk it” initiative was introduced by ECO Singapore.


What is the objective of the Dunk It! Programme?

– Help youths crystalise their environmental concern into actions

– Encourage the public to dispose off their thrash properly.


How you can help us reach these objectives:

– Ask the public to participate in the Million Acts of Green and take their photos.

– Get the public to bin their litters and distribute ”Thank You” badges.

– Get the public to answer a short questionnaire.


What you get:

– Training to equip you with the knowledge and why we need to embark on this litter-free journey, done by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

– T-Shirts and Tags provided by People’s Association (PA), that will allow you to enter the Chingay Parade Area. – ECO Badges so we can identify you, the ECO Agents, provided by NEA.

– Collaterals with litter-free messages (i.e. badges, pens or etc…) to be given to participants/public, provided by NEA.

– Clipboards, Questionnaires and Markers will be provided by ECO Singapore.
On your part, do bring along a camera so you can capture the moments!


*Please refer here for a brief report on last year’s activities


As seen on SG Cares (3rd Feb), SG Cares (4th Feb) and Volunteer Singapore Website.