Dear All,

Happy World Environment Day!

We hope you will take some time to start doing something meaningfully green today (and everyday!)

On this special day, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the wonderful support you have given us since we became operational in 2006. Our mission to engage and empower young people to be more environmentally conscious and responsible consumers could not have come this far without every one of you.

Since our beginnings, we have had support from governmental agencies, especially the National Youth council and the National Environment Agency, to help us kick-start ECO Singapore when we were in the little red bus in Somerset. We were also privileged to work with various corporate partners who supported our growth from a team of four young passionate individuals to the diverse range of activities by pods of young people working through us at national, regional and international levels. Finally, we are also grateful to individuals and fellow NGOs that have given us their time to mentor us. We cannot thank you enough for your respective contributions. It is something we hold dearly.

Perhaps what moves us the most are the many young volunteers and ex-volunteers we have worked with, many of whom return to share how we have influenced them to be more environmentally conscious in their lifestyle. Some started as volunteers with no specific interest in mind, but over time found meaning in what they did. Others were inspired enough to begin their own projects within their community, and some even chose careers in this space.

In order to engage environmental issues more effectively, ECO Singapore would like to take the opportunity to announce that we will be going on short hiatus until mid-2014 to consolidate our successes and re-evaluate our strategies going forward. During this period, we will be conducting focus group discussions with various stakeholders (both existing and new ones). If you are interested to be involved in the process, or if you have any ideas, initiatives or feedback, please drop us a note at enquiry@eco-singapore.org. We’d love to hear from you!

We will not be totally out of action immediately as we have some initiatives to complete. We will also continue to keep you abreast on youth and environmental matters, both locally and internationally. You can enjoy our services by liking our Facebook page and/or signing up with us on our fortnightly newsletter, ECO Blips.

We look forward to hearing from you, and look forward to re-engaging environment issues with you again from 2014. Until then, keep going green. Remember, it is not about changing the world, it starts from yourself. One baby step at a time.

Warm Regards,
Wilson Ang
ECO Singapore
5th June 2013